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Full day fishing charter (outside the Blue Cod closed area) - $185 per person (minimum 7 persons) plus $125 per additional person up to a maximum of 12 persons. These rates are exclusive of fuel. For parties smaller than 7, the minimum vessel hire is $1,295 per day. Rates includes vessel, experienced skipper, expert fishing guide, and scallop dredge. Add $23 per head for optional catering package including morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, and non-alcoholic beverages.


OTHER RATES (as at 1 April 2015)
The following prices include the vessel and skipper. Fuel is charged separately on an as used basis. A catering package (morning and/or afternoon tea, light lunch, and non-alcoholic beverages) is available for $20 per person. Agent enquires are welcomed.

Full or part day scenic cruise - $1,135 for up to 12 guests and $1,295 for 13 to 20 guests. Please contact us for part-day options and rates.

Overnight or extended charters - Contact us for details. Rates will vary depending on length of charter, number or guests, activities and cruising area.  

Special events - For weddings, celebrations, conference breakouts, VIP cruises, and other special events, contact us to discuss your requirements.


You should book your cruise or charter at least 48 hours in advance although late notice bookings may be accepted depending on availability. If you are staying at a lodge or other accommodation in Marlborough your hosts will be happy to make the booking for you or simply call Overture Charters on +64 27 444 1495 or +64 3 572 9570.


We accept Visa / Mastercard / Eftpos / Cheque and Cash. Payment can also be made by direct credit to the operators (Overture Charters) bank account and this can be done conveniently and securely via internet banking. Please call us for bank account details or for any assistance. Charter balances need to be paid in full before charter commencement.



Question: How much deposit is required?

Answer: A one third (33%) deposit is required to confirm the booking, with the balance payable to the boat prior to leaving the dock. Incidentals and some additional charges are billed later but only if we incur additional costs on your behalf and at your request.

Question: What happens to my deposit if the charter is cancelled by me?

Answer: If the charter is cancelled by you prior to the commencement of the charter then unfortunately you may lose your deposit. This is because other business may have been turned away during the period that you had booked for. However in some cases (and this is entirely at the boats discretion) we can re-arrange charter dates and times with the boat, and if this is possible and causes no commercial inconvenience/loss to the parties involved you may not lose any of your deposit and the charter will simply take place on another date/time. We are interested in giving our clients value for money and sending you home happy, and in our experience we accommodate the client wherever possible in order to achieve this.

Question: What happens to my deposit if the charter is cancelled by the skipper?

Answer: If the skipper cancels the charter, sometimes due to unfavorable or unsafe weather conditions or reasons of that nature, you receive a full refund of your deposit or you have the option of moving your charter to another date.

Question:  What insurance do I need?

Answer:  The boat and boat property are insured by its owners for accidental damage as a results of actions by the crew or acts of god. However damage to the boat or its property by you, in line with standard public liability terms, may be charged for.